Wednesday, January 4, 2012


What has been inspiring you lately? This is my new awesome floor covering. I needed something for my studio as my husband claimed his rug back for his office. So when I saw this hand cross stitched awesomeness at the antique store I was blown away. It is so weird, quirky and wonderful. Unlike anything I have ever seen. Luckily my visiting Dad treated me to it. SUCH a perfect one of a kind christmas gift.

The indian motifs and super bright colors are inspiring me. I love the neon pink lotus flower.

and the super perfect craftmanship of the cross stitch is pretty awesome. Do you have something in your home or studio that absolutely inspires you?


Jan said...

I read about Persian rug patterns and I think your rug may be a story of hunting with the tiger and the deer, maybe the circle of life, the lotus (rebirth) and the herati (water garden, fish). I don't know but I was curious about the symbols

MarieE said...

I have a persian wool rug with an unusual block pattern instead of medallion I love, and a really old mola that is falling apart at the seams- I love the bold colors and patterns of both. Lately I've been using my gran's unfinished quilt blocks from the 30's in my own work- it's wonderful to have something that someone else's hands have touched.

Joetta M. said...

I love the idea of figuring out the imagery behind the rug. So interesting.

Marie, I love the idea of working from your grandmothers blocks, must be an amazing experience.

I have a persian rug falling apart at the seams, but I love it.