Wednesday, January 4, 2012

threads, cut and stitched again

After deciding the above green was the wrong color for this piece I started to cut out my satin stitch and fell in love with the messy, fuzzy texture of the cut stitch. I ended up ripping them out for this piece but feel like it would be a lovely technique for something else.

and then I got back to work with the right color. I started this piece a long time ago but kind of put it aside. Not sure where is belonged and questioning some color choices. But in visualizing my solo show the walls crumbling in it seemed like a perfect fit so now it is finally getting finished.

Also finally got to the store for some more black thread so I can get back to work on this one. I am very excited about it as the statement and the linen and the pale colored thread with the black create a great contrast. This is from the back, I love the flowers.

What is happening in your studio?


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

you are such a talent.

Crissy said...

Just sent you an email. Is it your first+last name or just your first name @gmail?

Joetta M. said...

you flatter me! that's right Crissy got it.