Wednesday, January 18, 2012

play ball...

Very cool project by Massachusetts based, Tennessee born artist Maria Molteni. Maria describes herself as a parochial-school misfit in the bible belt, where Protestants and Catholics settle their differences on the field or court. Aware of her mother’s childhood dismissal from tryouts on account of being “too skinny”, Maria felt fortunate to spend ten years swallowed by team jerseys bearing Air Jordan’s lucky number 23. When asked of future plans, she swore to become an “Art and Basketball Star”.

Here is a description of her very cool "gift giving" form of art:

Over a year ago New Craft Artists in Action team captain launched MOLTENi Net Works in Boston. Bringing together makers and players in collaborative exchange, the project aims to create functional, hand-crafted basketball nets for neglected public hoops.

Dr. James Naismith created the game of basketball in Springfield, MA in 1891. He posed a recycled peach basket as the first hoop. Now nets help break a ball’s fall, give players a sense of depth for good aim, and allow refs to see that a basket was made...This project is inspired by a mapping process and DIY form of slow production, utilizing abandoned space as a venue. The process aims to build a pro-active relationships between artists, athletes, and neighbors.

And she is asking you to make your very own net as part of the project. Get the details here.
See her website for the project here.
Since she is local maybe I will meet her in person...

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