Thursday, January 5, 2012

crossing but not meeting

My paths crossed but did not overlap with artist Lisa Foti but it did bring my eye to her work. Lisa was recently in Boston but is now in NYC, the reverse of me.

She taught at one of the locations that I am working with so I trickled to her website in my research.

Her embroideries are simple and good. I tend to like work like this a more direct drawing with thread instead of fancy stitches and layered ground.

Her portraits have a sense of joy to their style that I enjoy.

But I also LOVE the white on white "body" works. Of course I like white on white period.

Her work still feels a little young but her technique and eye skilled, so I have a feeling that NY will be good for her and will be a place where her work grows. She also makes really gorgeous textiles.

Another one to watch. See more here.

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