Thursday, January 26, 2012

sick of sick!

I am SO over being sick. I have been sick for over a week now and though it is definitely a "walking" sickness I really want to feel myself again. I have barely gotten anything done as well as just feel like lazy lump of person. It makes one appreciate how amazing a healthy body is.

I head to the city for the weekend tomorrow and weirdly am almost looking forward to the drive. Having a chunk of time all by myself in the car, listening to music, and NPR, and having some space to get lost in my thoughts. I just hope traffic does not turn my drive into a bitter experience.

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Mama Wolf said...

Hope the journey goes well! Get well...well pretty quickly now!

Love your work and really enjoy the blog



Joetta M. said...

thanks for your kind comment and well wishes. Hoping this sick bug is finally beat!!

Virginia said...

Joetta - Amen sister ~ so sick of sick!!!I have been knocked down by some mega bug for over 10 days and I am going crazy!!! i so get what you mean by appreciating a healthy body!!!! but it seems like you did kick your bug so there is hope for me. but one perk of being on my back for days is that i get to catch up on your lovely blog!!! have you moved to the Boston area??? it would be great to have you in the area!!! thanks for ur wonderful blog!! peace, Virginia