Thursday, November 13, 2008

sick of this image...

Are you sick of this image yet? I would lie if I said I am.
This for now is the final image of this piece-it is now folded and put away. Finished.
I am so happy with the piece and though I still have not seen it as I really want to- on a shelf-
I think the final presentation looks great, except I need stiffer pillows.
And I am still not so sure about the title.

And... I am a small step away from being done with the hand work of large knit piece...
Once finished I probably will have a day of structural work do be done.
But I need one more word- and it is not coming to me.
What is one word that refers to the leftovers of comfort? good or bad.
Any ideas?

So that means I need to get started in the next thing...I have a few small pieces in the works but like to have more of a longtime one as well. I guess my wheels need to get turning.


*M* said...

Leftovers of comforts:

At least those are what "leftovers of comforts" means me to me. Hope that helps! :)

Joetta said...

all are great...thanks

pia said...

i am not sick of this image! i will keep this question in my head while i do some yoga now, and if i come up with anything for 'leftovers of comfort' i shall let you know!

pia said...

PS yes, I'd like to see the image filled out with a thicker pillow too px