Monday, October 26, 2015

wow, time. teaching. studio. and stuff.

wow has it really been that long... in truth I am seriously accessing my life and its current choices as studio/ art making/ art timing and all that is in way to short of supply.  But until then I have had a wonderful and way too busy fall.

I had work in 2 shows, had a crazy magical week in Squam as part of the dreamy FALL Squam art workshops.  Met some mad cool people. Flew to Spokane to teach some super rad college kiddos as part of the exhibit I was part of there. And busy lining up all kinds of things. Woo, tired just thinking about it. My studio work has been slow as my life has been busy but I think the thinking and researching time has been valuable. But... a super great thing coming up....


 I am so PROUD to be an early teacher of part of the amazing and wonderful venture of Ms. Amylou Stein. (yeah many of you know this super rad chick.)  She just, as in seriously JUST, opened a magical and awesome new teaching space in my hood of Somerville. Craftworks is....simply put  a beautiful intimate space pulling in amazing talented teachers to teach you and all your friends about making stuff. Amylou has an awesome "tasting series"  of classes through the rest of the year and regular weekly classes will begin in January. SOOOO tell everybody, stop by say hi, and most important SIGN UP for my little taste....


A great one evening introduction to the art of embroidery.  Drawing with a needle on fabric is so satisfying and beautiful.  Come explore with thread and Joetta Maue for an amazing evening of artistry on cloth.  
December 9th 6:15 - 9:15pm 
And check out my link to all my teaching with updates on the magical opportunity through Squam next year and some forthcoming classes at the Eliot school. Most of this stuff fills up so sign up early.

AND if you miss me like I miss instagram is pretty active on all things studio so come and follow me at joettamaue


A great one evening introduction to the art of embroidery.  Drawing with a needle on fabric is so satisfying and beautiful.  Come explore with thread and Joetta Maue for an amazing evening of artistry on cloth.  
December 9th 6:15 - 9:15pm 


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