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Upcoming Workshops:

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Upcoming Classes:

at the Eliot School in Jamaica Plain, Boston.

Advanced Stitches
 March 5, 2017          10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Expand your embroidery repertoire by learning more advanced and layered stitches. Explore uses of decorative and imaginative stitches.
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NEW Cyanotype Prints 
June 24th, 2017 10-5

Make beautiful cyan-blue prints through the alternative photographic process of cyanotype printing. Create a composition with objects of personal meaning, then use light-sensitive photo emulsion to create a cyanotype—an evocative blue image—on paper or fabric. Turn your prints into a mixed-media masterpiece with collage, stitches, drawing and more

Hand Appliqué 
Sunday, Apr 2, 10am2pm 

Appliqué, a process of cutting, layering and sewing cloth to create pictures, can serve as an illustrative device, a form of collage or even a pathway to three dimensions. Learn basic techniques to create appliquéd images and forms, then begin to explore how to go further, take risks and court the unexpected. Limit 8 students

 Eliot school classes tend to sell out so sign up early!   The Spring classes go live very soon.


Somerville, MA

Embroidery Workshop
Sunday, March 19th 10am  -  2pm

 Sweetly Craftwork somerville
Embroidery can be many things.  With just thread & needle you can mend fabric, learn the alphabet, embellish your jeans & create magnificent pieces of art. 
In this 4 hour workshop, Joetta Maue will teach beginners the basic skills & traditional stitches (including the french knot) and advanced students will be able to explore different ways to apply stitches.  Students will design their own sampler using handwriting, drawing and/or stencils.  During the workshop she will share her incredible talent and knowledge with the class.  Embroidery is an amazing place to explore creativity.  From a total beginner to an experienced stitcher, Joetta will inspire you and show you the skills you need to keep exploring this amazing art form.  So bring your creativity and lets get stitching! 
Sign up now space is limited!  Here is the link.

Do you need an art vacation or retreat?
 I am offering 2 weekend long fall retreats this year and a week long class in the summer. Perfect moment to connect to yourself, the changing seasons and your creativity.

First up

I am honored to be teaching a weeklong intensive class as part of ART New England partnered with MASS ART.   This is a serious and more academic class on developing your work. You have access to the studio outside of class time and 5 full days of class instruction.  You stay with all participants of ART New England on the gorgeous campus of Bennington College in Vermont.  This is an awesome program and I am offering a great class with more depth then any workshop I have offered yet.

Get info on the program here http://ane.massart.edu/about/

Drawing With Thread
July 22-29, 2017
In this class, students will learn basic to advanced embroidery techniques and how to apply them to textile stitch-based drawings. Through the techniques of direct drawing, transfer and projection students will explore both technical skills and idea development.
We will look at the work of contemporary textile and mixed media artists and how they utilize the skills and history of drawing to make dynamic embroidery and appliqué based works of art. Students learn and explore traditional techniques of drawing such as contour, gesture, hatching & pointillism through various needlework arts. The technical development of the class will focus on how does one take these drawings and interpret them into a stitched work. Learning various stitches, appliqué techniques, staining and 3-dimensional building of textiles will give one the tools to do this.

This class will focus on new techniques but also on the conceptual role of “thread” in ones work and how it relates to the content and form of our artwork. As the class develops we will begin a personal project and discuss the best way to make stitch, technique, color and materials choices.  There will be presentations on textile artists and the history of drawing techniques as well as critique of personal work.

More info and register here.

Autumn Weekend Workshops:

A 2 day workshop where you stay in the idyllic setting of this historical craft school have access to the studios outside of class time, create new friendships and make great art!
Come explore basic embroidery techniques and how to apply them to “drawings” using direct drawing, transfer and projection. This will be both a technical skills class and an idea development class. We will discuss stitch, color and materials choices while learning and exploring traditional techniques of drawing such as contour, gesture, hatching and texture through the stitch. This is a great class for beginners up to advanced students in embroidery. We will go over all the basics but all the conceptual and drawing skills can be applied to any skill level.

Link for my class here.
General information of the beautiful place of Peters Valley here.

During the peak of fall colors & the beauty of Autumn
in Western Massachusetts

Snow farm is a totally beautiful and lovely craft school on the beauty of Western Massachusetts. The studio's are so cool and charming, the land stunning, the food yum. So glad to be teaching with them!

Autobiographical Stitches
A 3 day workshop
October 13-15, 2017

Each student will design a small work using their own unique handwriting or personal imagery. Class discussion will center around the creative use of diaristic writing, documentations of daily life, and the creation of autobiographical imagery. Contemporary fiber artists will be reviewed and traditional stitching and embroidery basics will be covered. Students are encouraged to work with found, inherited, or vintage linen as their base.

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If you would like me to offer a workshop with you please contact me at joettamaue (at) gmail com


Other locations that Joetta has taught:

Previous Classes Taught:
Alternative Process and Hand Embroidery
The focus of this course is to discover collage, photography and textiles techniques to create unique imagery and stitch work. Working from items with personal meaning, students will combine the art of the photogram, a process of placing objects directly onto coated material and exposing it to light, the photograph and hand stitching to make striking one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Participants will discover the alternative process photo emulsion of cyanotype (an evocative blue tone) and van dyke (a rich brown) on fabric and embellish their work with hand stitching and appliqué. The class includes slide presentations and critical discussion as well as plenty of experimentation. Open to all skill levels.

Art is Process
All too often we head into the process of making something burdened with expectations, pre-determined outcome or not knowing how to begin at all and other sorts of barriers. This class is going to help break us out of that approach to creative self-expression. By following where our process leads us, we find our answers, and not the other way around. We will explore some fun ways to get ideas surfaced and then how to flesh those ideas into a vision. We will do some writing, meditation and brain mapping exercises to identify what is most important to us as individuals in the process of making. From these ideas we will look at personal materials; textiles, photographs and words to start to develop a focus to how and what we make. This is not just a class about textiles, the textiles are in service to the process of creative exploration.

We are gonna go wide and deep.

Stitching with the hand...
Explore the wonderful versatility and beauty of hand
needlework. Learn basic stitches and techniques while looking
at contemporary artists and their interpretations of the
tradition for inspiration. Walk away with the tools to make your
own unique works of stitched art. We will have plenty of time
for group and individual stitching. No experience necessary. A
materials list will be sent to students prior to the first class. 

Cyanotype & Stitch
Combine photograms and stitching to make striking one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Bring items of personal meaning to work with; small objects and transparent or translucent items work well, e.g. lace, thin fabric, photocopies or drawings on acetate. Create a composition with your objects, then use light-sensitive photo emulsion to create a cyanotype - an evocative blue image - on fabric. Finally, embellish and personalize the work with stitching.

Exquisite Stitch
Squam Art Workshops Spring 2015
In this class we will slip into a gentle place and bring a meaningful moment forward.
Using color, text and image – we will layer stitches to create a piece that represents the heart of this experience. Students will be encouraged to think about what that moment could be. Is it a memory? Is it something you want to manifest in your life? Or, is it simply an exploration of the smaller, yet shimmering moments of the everyday?
The options are wide but what we all will be doing is looking at how each of us, as the artists of our day, draw upon key moments for inspiration. We will deepen our awareness of how we honor, explore, celebrate and heal the experiences of our life.
Four core stitches will be employed throughout this class: satin, split, stem, and French. We will also be using split or stem for applique. If you are not familiar with these techniques, Joetta will provide clear tutorials and examples of each.
The project will be stitched onto found linen. Joetta will share her knowledge of how working with found linens and materials affects the overall conceptual read of the work so that choices are not arbitrary, rather meaning and intention is behind each choice. She will also lead an open discussion on the role linens play in our lives, cultural and personal associations, imagery etc.

After this class, a pillowcase may never seem like just a pillowcase again . . .

Alternative Media Drawing, Adult                       
Students will be inspired by contemporary artists who
are pushing the boundaries of “drawing” with their
techniques and mediums. Discuss ways in which an artist can
approach alternative materials in drawing and problem solve.
Experiment with drawing with thread and wire on paper and fabric. Class
will work from a still life initially. As the class progresses artists can feel
free to experiment and push the boundaries of the project. Students should
bring materials that they may want to experiment with.

Applique Portraits 
Work from a photograph or drawing to create a textile portrait incorporating techniques of embroidery, applique & surface design. Learn how to apply these techniques to create work in a larger scale. In addition we will cover transfer techniques, learn appropriate stitches, stencil techniques and more.

Artisans’ Critique
It’s hard to find a place outside of art school to discuss your work in a critical dialog with other artisans. Come together to present recent work and enjoy constructive criticism and conversation in a small group with a seasoned curator/artist/educator. What are you working toward, both visually and conceptually? What will help move you forward? Open to all media including wood, fibers, paint, books, assemblage.

Embroidery Embellishments on Clothing
Inspired by the Hippie Chic fashion exhibition at the MFA, embroider directly onto clothing. We will offer some designs from that era for alteration, personalization and play. In the process, learn basic embroidery

Stitchery with Unexpected Materials
Sunday, May 19, 2013 – 10am–4pm – $70
Push the boundaries and explore alternatives to thread and fabric. Stitch with wire, raffia, rope on found materials, wood, paper and more. Great for mixed media artists, fiber artists and anyone interested in incorporating stitches into their art. Learn basic stitches and problem-solve quirks and challenges involved in using alternative materials.

Build a Blog
Build a blogger blog in this workshop. Learn the tricks and trades of a successful blog, how to build traffic, learn the ins and outs of the Blogger
software and begin to build your blog. We will work on inserting images, making a header, adding gadgets, links, etc. Students must
bring their own laptop to work on and have images on your computer to work from for headers and link images. You should have a blog fully built by the end of the class
Hand Appliqué
Appliqué, a process of cutting, layering and sewing cloth to create pictures, can serve as an illustrative device, a form of collage or even a pathway to three dimensions. Learn basic techniques to create appliquéd images and forms, then begin to explore how to go further, take risks and court the unexpected.

Hand Embroidery
Explore the beauty and versatility of hand needlework. Make your own personal sampler with traditional and modern embroidery stitches and experiment with creativity. Learn a variety of techniques and be exposed to contemporary interpretations of the tradition so you can make your own unique works of art.

'Til death do us part-
Celebrate, investigate, or pine about the experience of marriage and romantic partnership. Work with fiber artist Joetta Maue -who's work is inspired by the most intimate relationships we have in life- to create a one of a kind piece of embroidery art. Come with an idea to make a work about marriage, love, love loss, desire for love- wherever your heart is. Discuss how one can make a hand made ketubah, the Jewish wedding contract, an image of the bridal bed or couple, or a creation inspired by wedding vows and how these make a meaningful heirloom or treasured gift. In conjunction we will talk about the role of dowry and embroidered wedding gifts in history.

PUSH: Embroidery: Learn basic embroidery stitches to utilize the process of applique and fiber collage to create 3 dimensional fiber pieces of art. Each class will be dedicated to a different technique each week. Each technique is inspired by artists in the book. -Illustrative applique-using simple applique techniques to create simple narrative illustrations.-Black work or Red work- learn to create detailed stitched drawings with just one color, using techniques like hatching, stippling, and shading.-Working with unexpected materials- use your needle and thread on found and appropriated objects and images.-Transparency- use traditional embroidery stitches on transparent fabrics and discuss what to consider and how this changes your working process.Participants are encouraged to bring text, paper pages, and found fibers that have meaning for them.

Playing With Fiber

Celebrate fiber and all of its wonderful facets through this class where instead of focusing on an end product we focus on how taking risks and giving ourselves the freedom to "just play" opens up possibilities in our creative practice.Each week we will focus on something a little different including:
-Needle point stitches and learning about how far we can push them or how we can combine them to make unique and fun textures or apply them to unexpected objects- these textures can become a signature look or a canvas to build with.
-Applique and how we can use found fabrics and objects to create dimensional collages through the most basic technique of attachment. Learn to take risks and do the unexpected. And how we can make anything work with fiber.
- Yarn and its many uses through crochet and knitting sculpturally
-Liquid- Play with painting fiber, watering it down, using stains like coffee and tea and combining this with other techniques to create truly layered pieces of art. Allow the natural tendency of the fabric to bleed to be a gift instead of a burden.
This class is all about having fun, pushing technique, and letting yourself think outside of the box. Students are strongly encouraged to bring materials to class such as found object, found fabrics, text, small items, buttons, whatever inspire you! Using a piece of fabric as a canvas add elements through traditional applique and sculptural applique to create a dimensional piece of work. We will discuss adding fabric and stuffing it, adding folded and sculpted fabric, applique techniques, and how to create more textural stitches. This class will open up your creativity in making needle work pieces and unique works of art. Participants are encouraged to bring text, paper pages, and found fibers that have meaning for them.

Embroidered Gift Cards
Join Joetta Maue for yet another great experiment in embroidery -- this time on paper! Draw with a needle and thread to create your own personal gift cards.

In this class, you will learn to use basic stitches to create a detailed embroidered drawing from an original photograph. Using a photograph of your own we will learn to transcribe the photo onto fabric through a variety of techniques, choose the best lines and approaches to turn the photograph into a drawing, and bring the image alive through embroidery stitches. Experienced or new embroiderers welcome.

Autobiographical Embroidery
Glean from your daily life to create a one of a kind portrait by creating a "sampler" of embroidery stitches. We will discuss the creative use of diaristic writing and daily life documentation to create your own art while looking at examples of contemporary fiber artists and learning traditional stitches and embroidery basics. Students are encouraged to work with found, inherited, or vintage linen as their base.

3 Dimensional Embroidery
Explore your personal creativity in this sculptural needlework class. This class will teach you to use basic embroidery stitches, applique and fiber collage to create 3-dimensional artworks in fiber and textiles. Using a piece of fabric as an artist canvas, students will add elements through traditional and structural applique techniques to create a dimensionality. We will discuss techniques for adding folded and sculpted fabric, shaping and stuffing, applique and how to create textural elements with stitches. Participants are encouraged to bring text, paper pages, and found fibers or textiles that have meaning for them.

The Embroidered Image
Learn to use basic stitches to create a detailed embroidered drawing from an original photograph of your choice. Using a variety of stitching styles and approaches, you will be introduced to various transfer techniques to turn your photo into a drawing and bring the image alive through embroidery. This is a non-traditional free-form approach to the medium of embroidery. Follow Joetta’s blog, www.littleyellowbirds.com, to read her musings on art, craft and the astounding beauty of everyday life.


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