Wednesday, January 27, 2010

9 months

Here are some images of my 5th & 6th month from my pregnancy piece, titled 9 months.
For each month I choose a dominate emotion or feeling and make a work for it. All the works are white on white tones and on round linens with hand done edging.
It has been a fun way to acknowledge the coming changes in our life.

I am already almost at the end of my 7th month and cannot figure out what the word should be for this month, I feel a bit combined of all the words that I have already done:
apprehensive, belly ache, exhausted, overwhelmed, excited, and uncomfortable.
Maybe feeling a but anxious- both in the good and bad way. We will see I still have another week to figure it out.


Silver Sisters said...

I love how the letters in "uncomfortable" are all squished together. The letters themselves look uncomfortable. Very expressive.

onesilentwinter said...

feeling pregnant! that is what came to mind when you listed how you where feeling this month! oh joetta how lovely is this series and at the end of it a baby!!!!!

Joetta M. said...

very true - I am feeling very pregnant!

Silver Sis- I did not even notice that- and you are right it really adds to the piece. I love how your unconscious helps ones work so much:)

MarieE said...

from here on out it's probably all uncomfortable. Impatient would have been one of my words at about 8-9 months.

Brittany Noel said...

I love the linens you're using for these pieces. This is going to be a great series when they're all done (it already is, too!) and something that you can really cherish. Are you feeling ready?

Joetta M. said...

thanks! I am excited about the piece and yes I feel all the linens are super special...

marie- i have thought impatient but i feel like that should wait another month since i know it will just grow and become more dominant. but i am getting there.

and no, i am so not ready. but yes i am so ready. it is a weird limbo:)