Friday, January 22, 2010

little houses...

Today a feature on the sweet and playful silk screened felt artworks by Simone Meltesen. I really love Simone's house boats they are both very cool and clever. I so wish I could afford to buy one for our little nursery corner... but no. Maybe someday.

Simone creates soft sculptures and places them in environments to photograph.

As well as explores a world "of young feral girls who live by the sea and constitute a self-sufficient society" through drawing and embroidery. Makes me think a bit of Henry Darger.

Simone talks about her approach toward soft sculpture and embroidery:
My choice of materials and techniques to work with, particularly thread, cloth, and embroidery, was initially inspired by work made by women in the 1970s during the Feminist Art movement. My small, portable sculptures made of soft materials, embodying domestic themes, challenge the traditionally monolithic nature of sculpture in the western world.

I love her use of pinhole photography to place the houses in ambiguous unidentifiable environments.
See more of her work here.
Simone will be speaking on Sunday at our super awesome artists talk.

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