Monday, January 4, 2010

installing like crazy

the beginning of the layout process.

Sarah Bahr's work waiting to be suspended, with a peek at Stacy Renee Morrison's in the background.

Hey everybody, hope this find you enjoying a fabulous start to the new year!!
I have been crazy busy!!!
Busy working away at my piece, not done yet, and installing connective thread. It is looking so awesome.
If you are nearby you definitely should stop by the opening I promise it will not disappoint.

The beginning of the process of me installing Kim Hennessey's work.

Rebecca Ringquist's work was so beautiful from the back, I had to take a picture, Yes, that is the backside!

For now just a peek of the install. Very early images. It has come a long way....
Hope it intrigues you!!!


Jeana Marie said...

looks like it will be an amazing exhibition! wish I was closer :)

Iviva Olenick said...

Can't wait to see it!

Rebecca said...

Oh my, it's like seeing myself in my underwear!