Friday, January 15, 2010

connective thread exhibit images.

Finally, some images of the opening and install of the fabulous connective thread exhibtion, I was so honored to curate this exhibition and blown away by the quality of work that was submitted. The curating process was so difficult - but in the end I felt like it was a very exciting and cohesive show. We had a very diverse group of work and artists but they were all connected by that connective thread...

Look at the awesome turn out we had at the opening. The gallery was packed from 7- well past 10. We went through 3 cases of wine and I think all had a good time.

There is me and my pregnant belly talking to some old friends from Cambridge who are now New Yorkers, the crowd was a mix of friends of artists, blog readers, other artists who submitted, and fiber lovers galore.

I was so happy that so many people came out to see all these amazing artists work!

Let's take a walk around the gallery.

Sarah Bahr, Stacy Renee Morrison, I loved their work next to each other.

Marcy Chevali performing her work, unraveling, at the opening.

Christalena Hughmanick

So there you go all the gorgeous work of connective thread. You saw Crytsal Gregory's work featured yesterday and can look forward to more features in the next few weeks. Each work will be show individually.
And don't forget that next Sunday, January 24, there will be an artist talk with a handful of the artists so you can learn more about the awesome work on exhibit!

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Thanks for the sweet little mention here by Jeana.


Jeana Marie said...

no worries :)

and this exhibit looks so good too...alas for being so far away!

Sonya said...

It looks like an amazing exhibit. Congratulations!

Joetta M. said...

thanks so much!! I was super excited by all the work:)

Brittany Noel said...

Wow, you did an incredible job curating and hanging this show. It looks great, I wish I could've been there!