Tuesday, January 12, 2010

exhausted....but very pleased.

Oh my, life has been crazy as you can imagine. But the good news is both openings were a total success with great crowds. And....drum roll please? I got my final piece done for my solo show and it looked wonderful, I was extremely happy with it in the end.
I was embroidering until 3:45 on Friday and the show opened at 5. So it was SO down to the wire. But so worth it. And you know how artists are we always are working until the last minute.

The beginning of the wall work taken from my waking with you blog.

Now I am playing ultimate catch up. I just spent 3 hours on emails only.
I have tons of pictures of both shows and openings to share but in order to not overwhelm you I am breaking it up over a few days.
So today install shots of waking with you. Actual images of the work and exhibit tomorrow. I know, I am such a tease.

The beginning of building the bed- with lots and lots of layers.

making sure layout will work- still needs finished and painted.

And for those of you in the Boston area I am suppose to be featured in the G insert of the Boston Globe. (This is the arts and entertainment weekly insert) So make sure to check it out. Once I get a copy I will be sure to share it with all if you.
The gallery a mess with install.

some listings and mentions on the waking with you exhibit.
Art Throb.
Faff Around.
Andover Townsman
The Eagle Tribune.

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