Tuesday, January 5, 2010

more crazy install...

Kendra Skalski at the beginning of the installation of her piece family ties.

Michelle Dickson at work on her gorgeous graphite wall drawing.

Alisha McCurdy arranging tiny piles for her piece.

Ok. I am beyond exhausted, frazzled, and stressed. But connective thread is pretty much hung. Waiting on one simple piece to arrive and then to hang my own- all of which will not get done until Saturday. And then of course- labels, price list, food, set up, etc. But it is hung and looks so awesome. I am incredibly proud of it. And know that the viewers who come to the show will love it!

But...now I am so insane about my own show. My piece is NOT done and I am beginning to doubt it ever being finished. I so hope that I can make it but it may have to go into the show incomplete- i really, really hope not. We will see. Send me good vibes.
I start to install my show tomorrow- agh. Crazy.


Brittany Noel said...

I know that Connective Thread will be awesome. And your show, even if it's not quite completed (I think you will, though!), will be beautiful. I love what I've seen of this piece so far. Deadlines are so frustrating when they are looming and stressful. I wish I could be done with them upon graduation, ha!

Good luck and godspeed, friend :)

Quilt Architect said...

"Make It Work" as they say on Fashion Runway. I know you will do what it has to be done...and it will cause you to have focus like you have never known.

Good luck.

Wish I could come.

Joetta M. said...

it is a miracle but i made it work!!! thanks for the support:) and encouragement.