Tuesday, January 19, 2010

garments with a voice.

Today I feature the very charming and talented artist Sarah Bahr. Sarah's work, on her body i felt fulfilled, graced the card for the connective thread exhibition and was a stand out piece in the show. Sarah not only has talent but is an extremely gracious and lovely person with a fabulous shock of pink hair!

Plastic coat.

You can see the obvious connection to Sarah's full time work of being a costume designer in her art work, which usually references or is an interpretation of garments. Sarah has an ultra cool job in which she works with NYU undergraduate costume design majors to help them create the costumes they visualize. It seems like that would be a very fun and rewarding job that demands much skill and creativity.


Well skill and creativity are abound in Sarah she makes clothing, costumes, jewelry, video, and performances. Whew!

she wears it outside and in

In her very concise but thorough statement she says:

I explore clothing as sculpture, rather than decoration or functional garments. I currently focus on the roles of females in society and the constraints fashion has placed on the female form, past to present. Through abstraction and by using both traditional and unconventional materials, I blur the line between garment and symbolic form. In this exploration, I touch on the psychology of the human relationship to clothing.

To see more of Sarah go check out her website.

Dress pants from her Women's men wear collection.

Sarah will be one of the six artists participating in the artists talk this Sunday at 5:30 pm.


Anita said...

Thanks for featuring this! I am a friend of Sarah's from MN and I love seeing her work via the internet.

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Joetta M. said...

she is quite fabulous!