Tuesday, January 26, 2010

catch up.

Sorry no post yesterday but my weekends have been so crazy busy with teaching and art stuff that I needed a weekend day during the week- in which I actually attended to my life like cleaning house, paying bills, watering plants, and squeezing an actual yoga class in.
My commission got off safe and sound and- I got forced to be totally ripped off in the Fashion District by buying some needed embroidery hoops. $4 for a wooden hoop. Insane!

Now I am taking a little breather and working on some work just for fun- just a little text piece.
And last week I got 2 months of my pregnancy piece done, which has been neglected. Pictures tomorrow. I forgot my camera today.

And then back to making 3 new works for upcoming shows, shipping some work to Pittsburgh today for the Fiber Art Intn'l, and then trying to get my new series started before the baby comes. I would like to have it started to that I can just work on it at home those first months.

I have been getting some blog love lately and I SO very much appreciate it so a few huge thanks, virtual hugs, and such to...
a little house in the clouds for so sweetly relating to my work and words- I always loved this piece myself and remember that selling it was a bit bitter sweet for me.
LeiLiLaLoo for loving my banners- I have been thinking of re-visiting them somehow?
Tayla B for being inspired.
and the Boston.com for picking me again as an editors pick.


Brittany Noel said...

Don't apologize for missed posts, you take all the catch up time you need! That said, I like the stitching on this piece. It's very textural. I'm still anxious for this new series!

molly said...

awww, my pleasure! i could post a million of your pieces, i just love your work. i'm so happy to read that this is 'what you do' & that you're expecting! congrats!

Joetta M. said...

thanks ladies. and the series is coming, i got my first picture to work from last night. i need to gather the pictures to work from...
but i have the first and will hopefully be getting another 2 in the next week.
i am going to have to variation in my subject matter, people, for a change...