Tuesday, January 19, 2010

back in the studio...

It is so nice to be settling back into the studio and getting things in order from the shows... but
I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed with shows that go up they also must come down. Which will be a big chunk of my time over the next month.
And... I am a bit burnt out and just want some brain space but with work needing to be finished for a few exhibits and my commission I am unsure as to when brain space will be found.

In addition, I am so pregnant at this point I kind of just want to sleep and lay around... but I know that if I was actually doing that I would hate it. Agh!! Does anyone else feel like there definitely needs to be more hours in the day?

A nice mention about waking with you on the very fabulous Hand Embroidery Network Blog. If you do not know about it you should!


molly said...

the lack of hours in a day is a constant, constant struggle for me, as well. you've got a pregnancy and i've got a full time job, two things that are seriously full time (though, i do realize yours is 24-7, while mine is only 8-5-ish). but, i feel you.

also, have you seen this work?

Joetta M. said...

always the struggle. i can barely imagine how hard it will be once the kiddo is here!
thanks for the link.