Thursday, January 28, 2010

piles of inspiration.

I have been the lucky recipient of lots of hand me down linens lately. Folks are starting to see how much I love and need old linens and are happily sending them my way. I am of course delighted and so grateful.
My mom and grandma sorted through some stuff at my grandma's house to send some old linens to my studio and they found a bounty. Including an awesome white chenille bedspread. I cannot wait to see what it becomes.

My mom's friend, an artist herself, Yvette, also sorted through her linen stash and uncovered some goodies for me. Including a pile of small linens I so needed for my commission.

I very happily participate in round table discussions at A.I.R gallery where I have had the privilege of meeting an incredible group of women artists including a generation of artists in their 60's and 70's. It has been such and incredible experience to meet them and here their stories and perspective. Artist Leila Daw was kind enough to bring me a small stash of linens she had from when she worked in fiber many years ago. This one was kind of the mecca- as she also has the eye and appreciation towards stains, holes, and the beautiful fragility of old linens that I have. Quite a few of hers will be saved for something extra special.

I just feel so lucky to have such support towards my work and wanted to give a little shout out toward the growing pile of linens in my studio...they will be gone before I know it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for you beautiful artwork. It makes my heart sing.

Jeana Marie said...

what lovely gifts :)

Joetta M. said...

very lovely indeed.

anonymous- your sweet kind words made my hear sing. thank you.

spotted dog farm said...

my mouth is watering over your ever-growing stash! i'm excited to see what the lovely pieces become in your hands. thanks so much for sharing parts of your process - it is incredibly inspiring.

Joetta M. said...

mouth watering, I love that. That is often exactly how I feel about a really great linen, strange but true.:)