Thursday, January 28, 2010

color abound.

When I first saw the work of Kendra Skalski in my inbox I absolutely loved it! She contacted me about the gorgeous quilt below that measures in at a whopping 96in x 240in . It is so lovely and innovative. But I felt it was too big for connective thread so she then sent images of other works. The work that I selected, above, Family ties, is a striking colorful circular wrapping of fibers. The color and shape is dynamic and gorgeous. It is created with approximately 1000 ft of hand knotted rope made of fabric, installed with sewing pins. I have to say every time I walked into the gallery this piece made me smile.

In her quilt work, Domestic Blossoming, I love how she has created irregular edges that almost seem to grow out like an ice formation mixed with the warm "homey" patterns of fabric.

In her statement Kendra says:
My work embraces the female experience and historical roles, such as sewing, ironing, and weaving. Materials that I have continued to incorporate into my work are fabrics, sewing patterns, ribbon, lace, doilies, beading, buttons, thread, gift paper, wall paper, sequins, and glitter. Many of these materials have been, and still are, considered purely “decorative” or “craft” materials. In using these materials I wish to blur the divide between what has historically been defined as “high art” and “low art”... fabric installations that I have recently constructed include processes which adhere the fabric together through ironing and sewing, as well as hand manipulation through knotting and weaving. By utilizing traditional household female processes and materials as the basis of the work, I embrace conventional female roles. Therefore empowering the feminine and further allowing me to support the domesticity of the customary female role. By using “craft” materials and domestic processes I aspire to validate the importance of these traditions... I wish to embrace those crafts traditionally associated with women, and use them as a foundation in my art in an attempt to give further credence to the role that women have played in the history of art.

I think Kendra has an excellent eye for color and texture and look forward to seeing what she does next. Her current portfolio acknowledges her interest in experimenting and taking risks and as she moves into a more sold direction I know that this will serve her well. The ability and courage to experiment always pays off in the end.

You can see her talent and skill with color and composition in her canvas works as well.
Kendra not only is a very talented artist but she is an incredibly sweet and gracious person. I loved getting to meet her and see her work slowly evolve onto the wall. I look forward to knowing her in the future and seeing what comes next.

See more of Kendra's work at her brand new website here.


Abigail Thomas said...

really amazing work, ill check out her website.

[.L.] said...

i'm preparing for a solo show (two of them actually!) come april and your blog has been THE source for my inspiration.

thanks you!

Amelia said...

wow, wow, wow, love all that I am seeing here!!! Similarities with my own artistic ethos which I don't find very often!

Love it. Will be looking at more and will be back.

(over at:

Joetta M. said...

so glad you all love kendra's art work as much as I do!!!

L- so excited for you and your shows and very humbled and glad that I could somehow inspire you. Please let me know about your shows as they approach:)

Mitzi Curi said...

Wow, thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. I love your work too!

Kendra Skalski said...

I just read this blog about the connective thread exhibition now along with all of your comments.. it is very inspirational for me to see people respond to my work and I encourage and appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Please email me anytime. Thanks again!

Joetta M. said...

thanks kendra, glad you got some encouragement from the post. I would love to see you soon, you should come to the collective meeting in May:)

Kendra Skalski said...

I plan to start joining the meetings as soon as possible! I think the little community we made has the ability to really inspire each other and keep each other informed.. plan on seeing me soon!

Lauren said...

They are so lovely!! Kendra your work is wonderful keep it up!