Wednesday, July 7, 2010

an alchemist for the urban.

I know I mentioned it awhile back but my work has been available at the incredibly lovely shop Urban Alchemist in Brooklyn. They just started a blog and I wanted to let all of you know about it.
And share some of the very cool work by some of there other artists.

Incredibly gorgeous porcelain ball jars by Alyssa Ettinger, they are so lovely lit by a candle.
Perfect for a romantic summer evening.

Cute plushies by Rabbits Moon.

and an uber cool lap top sleeve by Wonder Threads. I might need to get one of these.
And this does not even mention the amazing and very affordable jewelry that they sell. So if you are in Brooklyn stop by or check out their artist who also mostly sell on etsy.

Here is a cool link to an article on the fabulous collectives of NYC.

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