Thursday, July 1, 2010

pick up my needle.

I have REALLY been wanting to get started on my new "sleepers" figures but cannot seem to get the images translated. For my larger pieces I project the image to make the drawing and since I have TONS of windows in my studio it is nearly impossible to get it done. I was planning on going on Tuesday night after I taught- but at 8:00 it was still completely light out- and the idea of going to the studio at 10 pm for 2 hours is far from attractive. So until then...

I made a pile of cool text pieces to work on, which is what is above. I am actually pretty excited about a few of them. Plus they are easy to work on while lil't is sleeping.

But when he is awake- I mean you can see why I am so distracted he is too cute to look at anything else. But he is napping right now so maybe I will get a moment to pick up my needle?

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