Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"re-enchanting the world" one pillow at a time.

Some super awesome work by the french design team, Frederique Morrel & Aaron Levin. They re-purpose old vintage tapestries into fabulous sculptures and items for your homes. The
life -size unicorn above is amazing and filled with fantasy.

But if you go for a more traditional trophy they have an array of deers.

or life size humans that you can position however you like...

OR for the more faint at heart a number of items such as poufs, footstools, trays, and more for your home.

I want, I want, I want.

The genius behind the work is their use of collage and the combination of traditional embroidery motifs with that of kitsch- such as cartoon characters and sexy bodies. This is the secret to their works success and all my favorite pieces include that.

They do not stop their wacky wonderfulness at their work but check out the amazing family portrait they had done!!! LOVE IT. I want to go to a party they host...

Their philosophy on life and art is inspiring:

They seriosuly make some cool work and their website also shows you how they construct their works which is pretty darn interesting to see and they make a super awesome outfit for their dog.

They also have a huge collection of vintage tapestries online for you to peruse so that those of that are lucky enough to be able to afford a piece by them can select the type of work you would want inluded. Or if you are like me simply to be inspired by.

Go visit peruse and desire their loveliness

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