Friday, July 23, 2010

stitched lines

I am loving the stitched work of Lithuanian artist Inga Liksaite. Her works are large scale stitched works on black fabric and super beautiful.

I really love this diptych with the simple image of plants in a window and the portrait. Something about it really evokes the emotion of solitude and longing- but not loneliness

Some detail shots give you a sense of how the works are built up by simple stitching and the images develop from the closeness of the lines.

I really enjoy these 2 triptychs- the use of the white space and the landscape of the portrait. I get very excited by the above image and how the texture of the hair changes from one panel to the next. I wonder how her working process made her decide to make that choice- as it really pushes the work further.

So in love with this one with the clouds merging into the face...

I wish I knew more about her work and her process and so wish I could see this work in person.

See more of Inga's work here.

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