Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the wound.

I mentioned the work of Erin Endicott awhile back as she was the winner of the best in show prize at the Fiber Art International. We have since become online friendlies and I get reminded of her gorgeous work often. So I figured it was about time to properly feature her here on the bird.

Erin makes truly beautiful embroidered work about healing, the same theme that brought me to embroidery as an artist. Her works are called Healing Sutras- sutra being defined as:

To stitch; a thread or line that holds things together.

Erin works to bind together woman of the past to women of the future, celebrating our common wounds.

Her use of thin thread and strong color is essential to the power of the work.

I find it interesting that she uses found linens cut into to the shape of a dress rather than a found dress and would be curious of her intentions and motivations here... and wonder if she will always do this or how her work will grow and change.

She has a poem of sorts on her website that I am utterly in love with read it here... but here is a tidbit to inspire you

Stitches, like words
The story grows
Lines graceful, unfurling
Drawing with thread
The Healing begins


Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Joetta to mention Erin once more. Somehow I didn't see her work at your blog the first time around but I did see it now. And I'm blown away by it.

Thank you so much for the inspiration you brought this morning.

Joetta M. said...

glad her work inspired you in thus warm summer day... her work deserved the 2nd mention for sure:)

Christine said...

Thanks for writing about Erin. She and I met through FB. I'm driving from Cleveland to Pittsburgh tomorrow to see FiberArt International and her work finally!