Monday, January 17, 2011

threaded tears.

I saved a little blurp on the French artist, Francesco Vezzoli because the work image included seemed interesting and just now, probably months later discovered the little piece if scrap and looked him up. Apparently he is a very successful and quite provocative artist who is having his premier exhibit in the U.S at none other then Gagosian Gallery.

His work is kind of like a mix of Andy Warhol as he plays with and recreates images of pop culture figures by printing images on canvas, and Damien Hearst, as he seems to like the bad boy image, a little sparkle, and to shock the audience just enough to keep them gossiping.

His signature work is to have images printed on canvas and then add tears in embroidery.

He states this for his press release:

Whatever great artist or thinker we choose to look at, they’ve all used whatever weapon they might have to attract interest to their thoughts. I don’t see anything wrong with using celebrities to make clearer, more understandable statements or, in my case, simply to reflect a reality that has a huge power over our lives. I insist that the taboo surrounding my work comes from the fact that people get stuck on the presence of Gore Vidal or Cate Blanchett. I’m kind of stuck...too.

I personally am quite excited to see the show as this image of an installation makes me curious to see how he will tackle the cavernous and high ceiling space of Gagosian.

Rather then write much about him myself I will lead you to an article in Vogue, the Times, and his press release.
But I must say I find it very interesting that his work seems to be all about the beautiful people and he himself is one of them.

The show opens February 5th. I will be sure to check it out.

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