Monday, June 14, 2010

blushing and busy.

I am so crazy busy with things and attempting to get a semblance of a routine back in my life and to be honest- so failing at that. My life feels like a hectic mess, my house is a disaster, I have not got around to applying to a show in months, and I so, so want to get a little more time in the studio. But with all that I am so lucky because I still have so many great things going on...

of course just the wonderfulness of life with lil't

a totally make me blush feature at Mr. X Stitch here.

my Oakland, CA show opens this week.

You need to submit work to my upcoming exhibit at the AWESOME Textile Arts Center.

from the tongue... opens next week.

and I am working away on the commissioned work above- almost done.

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cardinal arts said...

gosh, for not feeling like you have it together - you sure have got a lot of things done or almost done!
congrats and good luck with everything