Thursday, June 17, 2010

next, please???

So I finally have started to feel like I have caught up. I am pretty much done with this piece for from the tongue..., I finished this ordered commission- just need to wash and press, and this weekend and Monday install from the tongue...

All of these things being done means I finally can get started on a new work!!! yay. The above 2 pictures are the first ones to begin upon- I normally like to work from an image that shows more of the figure but I love how much both of these images utilize the linens of the bed- So I am just planning on working it. With the one of the 3 of us- I plan on having linens just hanging down from the piece in a very sculptural way & therefore implying the entire bed.
Of the one with just the arms out- I LOVE the way the piece will be all white and very abstract with that glimpse of the human form- I may start with that one.

So next week I need to get to my studio at night to I can project the images and then get started. I am so excited as for after next week I have a nice lull in my insanely busy schedule which means- studio time!!!!!

& I got my first submission for my next curatorial endeavor.

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