Wednesday, June 9, 2010

stitched and layered poetry.

I really enjoy the layers and textures of the work of Alison Mercer. Her work varies from fiber books, sewn drawings, and quilts all the way to installations. She uses what seems to be traditional techniques to make personal work about complex issues.

Her fiber "bra book" with its bra pad poem is clever, gorgeous, & poignant.

Her work about a growing child pierces my heart at the moment while my lil't grows like a weed right in front of my own eyes.

In general her work and technique is lovely and seems quite poetic in its hand and nature.

Her statement is as poetic as her work:
The stitched garments and objects I create penetrate the real and the imaginary exploring the issues of stitching and unstitching the self through everyday activity.

When I am making I am absorbed in the activity, working intuitively and guided by the thoughts and revelations that crafting uncovers. I want to discover who I am and why stitch is so important to me. Each object becomes a revelation and a token of memory.

As a mother I make many skins, skins to wash and skins to wear, stitched skins, ancestor skins. Skins become garments that protect the new generation and eventually shroud. Each stitch repeats the bonding process, seams are lineages, pieced together so nothing is wasted.

Every object I make I affirm continuity for future generations and add an esoteric mystery to a world that has paved over some of its ancient magic. I hope an audience will view the archive with curiosity recognising the need to revisit the past and make connection for themselves.

I love her installations and the collection of objects, almost like effigies that they utilize.

See more of her work at her website.

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