Tuesday, June 29, 2010


some works ready to be shipped off to new homes.

exhausted and mush. my brain is mush.
my practice is sad.
my fingers are aching for use.
I need to re-connect to my routine and studio...

I think I need to make a piece that says "my brain is mush" would that be weird?


Silver Sisters said...

I think that would be fantastic!
I wonder how many other blog post titles would make good art.
This is the phrase that I've got stuck in my head right now:
I am the center of my own universe.
I think it would make a good tattoo.

Amelia said...

no, I think this raw kind of honesty is underestimated. There are times when I feel like my exhaustion levels are unparalleled and still, I keep going because in the words of Louise Bourgeois "art is a guaranty of sanity"! yet all the other things need doing too unfortunately . . . .


Joetta M. said...

thanks so much to you both - glad you like the idea of it.

I agree... what other blog titles would make great pieces- maybe if I need to get inspired I will look back over them??
sounds like a great tattoo.
and i love me some louise!!!