Thursday, June 3, 2010

an great loss to us.

This week the art world has experienced the enormous loss of Louise Bourgeois. Louise died at the age of 98 this Monday. She has been a huge inspiration and icon of mine, her honest tongue and hand, her incredible longevity of being relevant to the art world, and her cranky persona have had great influence upon me.
This is a great loss of an incredibly unique woman and artist.

You can see how much I love her by seeing many posts and many quotes over the years at the blog.
Check them out:

here and here and here and here
a quote,
and another,
and another.

Read to write ups about her here and here.


courtney erin said...

Joetta, I agree with you whole heartily on this great loss. Louise has been the biggest inspiration to me as a younger woman artist. Her determination and refusal to give up is so inspiring. Her attitude, practice, and work is amazing and without her I know I could not be doing what I do, as easily as I can.
Thank you for recognizing such a wonderful, human, woman, and artist.

Joetta M. said...

she will be missed. just knowing that she was roaming the same streets of NYC that I do inspired me.

courtney erin said...

Also I wanted to tell you that I saw your work at the Drawing in Thread: Contemporary Embroidery exhibit at Mount Ida last month, and it is even more impressive in person- some of the best work in the show.

Joetta M. said...

you are so kind. i was so bummed to not make it to the show but was about ready to pop with baby. but i imagine it was a goodie since so much of the work looked good online.
thanks for your compliments to mine:)