Monday, June 7, 2010

from the tongue...

I finally got around to the formal announcement for the exhibit from the tongue.... There are so many amazing artists in the exhibit and it was very difficult to finalize the curation due to the fact that at least twice as many artists deserved to be in the show. The work varies from performance, sculptural, to very large and very small. I am planning on hanging all the awesome small works together as a salon style "family wall" installation, I think it will look awesome. And of course I will document it all with you. Check out my curatorial blog to find links to all the included artists.

from the tongue...
an exhibition of works on paper and/or fiber exploring the use of text and language.
Curated by Joetta Maue
June 24-August 6 2010
Opening Reception Thursday, June 24, 8-10pm.

34 North Moore St/Lotus Gallery Space, Tribeca, NY, NY

Artists include:
Allison Manch,
Audrey Manning, Bren Ahearn, Bridget Franckowiak, Brooke Holloway, Drucilla Pettibone, Elana Adler, Ellen Schinderman, Eloise de Hauteclocque, Eric Johanni, FiberGraf a.k.a Iviva Olenick and Jon Baker, Grant Olsen, Jamie Chalmers, Jee Hwang, Jennifer Hunold, Jung Eun Park, Katrina Eaton, Kirsten Rae Simonsen, Kristen Wulff, Lathorial Badenhausen, Leila Daw, Leslie Nichols, Marcy Chevali, Marilyn Henrion, Mary Coss, Nathalie Cortada, Orly Cogan, Richard Saja, Rubi McGrory, Sarah Bahr, Susan Moss, Susan Sharman, Tricia L. Johnson

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