Tuesday, June 15, 2010

his heirloom...

a little special something that I am working on for my sweet lil't. Everyone expected me to be knitting blankets, crocheting clothes, and embroidering special items- but truth be told I never enjoy making anything "useful" I just like to make my art and leave the usable items to others.
So I was very lucky that my grandma crocheted some hats and blankets, my aunt some booties, my friends mother a blanket, an online friend a quilt, my mom sewed a many things, and my sis made some very cool babers clothes.

But in order to add to his collection of gifts made from love I am making a small embroidery with a photograph from his first weeks and a little statement to the side. It is almost done and I am excited to get it washed and pressed and share it with all of you- so today we are walking down to the new park to watch the river, look at the Manhattan skyline, and embroider.


Anonymous said...

I didn't make anything practical for my daughter either. People surprised me with little knit and sewn things and it made me cry my eyes out to feel such love for my little girl.

The mom's job is to love the baby. The community will make baby things. You just make memories.

Joetta M. said...

so true- and i was to beyond touched by all the sweet and wonderful hand made gifts he got... it has been so wonderful.