Friday, June 4, 2010

Porterhouse $6.99

Loving the work of artist Jennifer Boe- She makes clever, humorous, but in truth quite profound statements about contemporary culture, consumerism, and religion through her embroideries that combine unexpected elements.

She states:

Over all, I consider my body of work to be an attempt to organize a pantry of random but, interconnected thoughts, all concerning some combination of art, faith, consumerism or domesticity. It is a cataloging and categorizing of objects, things, and items; be they a selection of six forms of birth control, various brands of bar soap or, twelve different cuts of beef and their price per pound.

My medium plays a major role in my work. While painting is obviously art, because I have chosen embroidery, I must constantly perform a tight rope walk, whether I want to or not. There is a distinction between and a hierarchical ordering of fine art over craft; "Art" being strong, masculine and educated; "craft" weak, feminine, domestic and amateur. It seems to me that it should be more a question of intent than materials or gender.

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