Monday, June 28, 2010

traveling in...

At the opening of from the tongue... I was so delighted to meet SO many amazing and wonderful fiber artists. This included the many artists in the exhibit but also the many artists that came to the opening to celebrate the work in the show.

One of which was the lovely Mariee of colored thread who wrote 2 very sweet and thoughtful reviews of the show here and here. I am delighted that she was able to see so much into my thinking process of the curation and at times saw even more then I did.

I was also incredibly excited and flattered that a few artists chose to travel quite the distance to be able to join us at the opening.

Bren Ahearn who graced the cover of our invitation cards flew in and joined us. He was even more charming and wonderful then his work- which seemed impossible. He was a delight to talk to and I got to meet his lovely husband too. He also very sweetly gave me a handmade floor blanket for lil't with the coolest patterned fabric ever, he designed it of course, footballs and baseballs in a floral shape- more awesome gender bending.

Drucilla Pettibone came in from North Carolina and she was as sweet and adorable, in her very awesome felt balled hairpiece, as her work is awesome. She was a great energetic force for the party. On her blog you can see moments of her visit to the city...

Grant Olsen came in from Idaho for his very first visit to NYC. I hope he enjoyed his first weekend in the big apple. He looked incredibly dapper in a summer gray suit at the opening and was so gracious and nice to meet. He now just needs to create a website so that we can see more of his work.

More artist features and mentions to come.


Amelia said...

what wonderfully inspiring work and artists. I love the ideas and works you post up, and you are doing so amazingly well having a little baby too :)

If you would ever like a UK artist who uses textiles/fibers, I would love to be in a show you do. Am currently working toward a solo show in London and have a little neak preview of some work I am doing up on my blog.


Amelia said...

okay, that was meant to say 'sneak' :)


Joetta M. said...

we had 2 british artists, one french, a few canadians so feel free to submit- i love having artist from all over.

Jennifer Hunold said...

Oh, I wish I could've been there to meet the other artists in the show! What a wonderful group it must have been! Congrats Joetta on a great show and opening. Thanks again for including me in it!

MarieE said...

Thanks for linking my reviews Joetta! I wondered why I had so many hits ;)
you're doing a great job of bringing all these people together!

mathyld / under the pyramids said...

Eeek ! Drucilla is one of my favourite crafters, artists and a very dear friend.

I was so delighted to see her under the spotlight ... and wearing my Pompom headband, no less !!!
So it's almost lie I was there, too.
I so wish I could have attended this event ... Paris is too far away !
x x x