Thursday, November 4, 2010

Foot traffic...

Seems like so many wonderful things are happening in Brooklyn while I am away, of course. One of those wonderful things is the official opening and artist talk tonight of the outdoor installation, Foot Traffic, by the beautiful and talented Crystal Gregory.

Press release states:

Brooklyn artist Crystal Gregory has created Foot Traffic, a site-specific fabric installation piece for the chain link portion of the bridge. Foot Traffic is composed of dozens of crocheted hexagons that Crystal will stitch directly onto the fence. The piece will be installed 10/28 & 29 and remain up until next fall.

Foot Traffic was inspired by the “chandelier” of shoes that hung from the wires above the bridge until earlier this year. And guess what? We saved the shoes when the DOT took them down to install the new light poles. Perhaps they’ll make an appearance.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Crystal for almost a year now, wow time flies, and all of her work is gorgeous and inspiring. So I know this piece will be too. So glad it is up for a year so that I can check it out when I get home.

Crystal has also created a new super nice website.

and LinRoForma which funded Crystal's project has very nicely documented her installation on their blog. LinRoForma is a group of business owners, tenants and landlords that work together to make their community better including adding art to their environment. Awesome.

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