Friday, November 19, 2010

the voice as thread.

Still from the work Quilting Piece by Clio Padovani.

She states this about the work:
The voice is the thread: it connects and constructs, it pieces together this sequence or story, this kind of cloth.

Watch this lovely, lovely piece. Scroll down to bottom and just get lost.

Her work is very interesting combining words, voice, poetry, video, and cloth. Take the time to explore her website to see more of her intriguing work.


clio padovani said...

HI Joetta,
I'm really glad you liked the piece! I have only now seen the post as I am getting together a new site, with, hopefully , soon, plenty of new work.

Many thanks for the mention.


Joetta M. said...

looks incredible. hopefully i can see it in person someday:)