Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Familar Faces: Sullen Bear, Maggie Rozycki Hiltner

A very cool show is happening at Turman Larison Gallery in Montana:

MOM Show

November 5 – December 10, 2010

This is an exhibit featuring mothers that are also artists.

Spoon, Deb Durant

Guest Curator and MOM artist, Jess Parker says this about her struggle of identity:

I am not in the studio going like gangbusters. Those days came to a screeching halt 7 + years ago when I had twins. With twins there is no fooling yourself that you will simply strap two kids to your back like a primate and keep on working in your studio. Seven years ago “mom” became my identity crisis.
When my kids were about three, if asked what mommy does they would draw a blank and maybe say “make dinner?” My husband would helpfully nudge them, “Mommy has a studio out back, she’s a mommy and a potter.” Thanks Dad. But really I was going through some kind of metamorphosis. On January 23, 2003 I became and will always be a mom. “Artist” is now my identity crisis.

Equate,Erin Ferimsky

The show features varied mediums and mom's from different backgrounds but definitely seems like an interesting show and a great celebration of the balance women try to create. You can read the full press release and snippets from each mother here.

Cake stand, Fredi Rahn


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