Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is our humble home and my studio for the month at the Tin Shop Residency in Colorado. Our drive was SOOO long. Let me tell you Kansas is brutal it goes on for hours and hours and hours and nothing changes. There is seriously nothing much there, nada. But alas we made it and Lil't was so amazing for the entire drive- I mean amazing.
We got in last night and this morning I settled into our new little itty bitty but super nice with all the essentials apartment.

And this afternoon I will settle into the studio- and make it my own for the month. I am already loving the simplicity and minimalist nature of our place and stay here.

It is going to a wonderful and productive month!


Perpetua said...

That is fantastic. I am completely jealous! I hope you get tons of new work finished!!

Joetta M. said...

me too!