Monday, November 15, 2010

snow, wine, and stitching.

looking out our windows.

Let me tell ya, it has been a snowing and I have been a loving it.
It pretty much snowed the entire weekend and as you can see it is everywhere. But I am loving the excuse to just stay in our little humble home here, reading, watching netflix, drinking red wine, and stitching.

My reception this Saturday was nice, though it was pretty quite as it is in general here, but I had at least one person to talk to the entire time. The people here are so very nice and quite intrigued by my work which is lovely. I worked the entire time on this piece and it is coming along...I will definitely get the embroidery aspect of the work done while here, though the applique and painting will wait until I am back home in my studio in Brooklyn. I am hoping to perhaps get at least one more done with the embroidery while here. We will see.

Now to a walk in the snow, a cup of coffee, and hopefully my sweet lil't will go down for a nap and I can get some more stitching done.


Monica said...

sounds like a lovely way to spend the time... hope your little had a long nap!!

K. Crane: Big Fat Art Cloth said...

yes, definitely perfect weather so staying inside and working. We're still at the tail end of Indian summer in horse country. It's nice to see the snow again.

Joetta M. said...

napping now, fingers crossed for a long one.

etre-soi said...

beautiful work making its way out of the silent snow :)

etre-soi said...
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Joetta M. said...

thank you, so beautifully said.