Monday, November 15, 2010

paint, weave, marriage.

Interesting work by artist Mark Barrow.

He paints on handwoven textiles, woven by his wife.

The press release for his recent solo show stated:

Barrow’s expansive works revolve around the structure and geometries of weaving, both as material substrate and conceptual framework. Working on hand-loomed linen that his wife Sarah Parke fabricates, Barrow methodically applies paint corresponding to Parke’s pattern. This collaborative gesture is emblematic of the entire process, a free flow of information and marriage of forms. Just as the distinction between image and object dissolves with each dot placed, so too do the boundaries between antithetical ideas. The empirical and the accidental, the mechanical and the handmade, the systematic and the intuitive are all conflated in a complex matrix.

See more at his gallery, Elizabeth Dee, website.


Brittany at Home Ground said...

This is such an awesome concept. I've toyed with ideas of altering weavings after the loom. This is such a beautiful way of doing it. I'm glad you're enjoying the winter wonderland that is CO right now :)

Joetta M. said...

yes, a very lovely way to work isn't it?