Tuesday, November 30, 2010

going home.

What a wonderful experience it has been here at the Tin Shop Artist Residency in Breckenridge.

I have enjoyed the bright cozy studio...

and the simple home here immensely.

I have loved the walks for coffee in the morning through the snow.
The beyond gorgeous views of the mountains.

The time and space to make my work.

And the simpler, less hectic life here.

I am so excited to get back home with my community but not excited about having a BUSY schedule again.

Though all the reasons that I am busy are wonderful.

But nonetheless I will be back in my studio soon.

Finishing some work I started here and moving on to whatever is next.

But I will attempt to remember the simplicity of this month, the ease of the routine, the letting go of an agenda and take this memory with me to put at work back at home in Brooklyn.

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