Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This weekend.

If you are in Brooklyn and need some fiber friendly and fabulous events to attend here are two. Above is the postcard for the Holiday Show at my studio building. There will be a gallery exhibit with works for sale, a print sale of hand made prints, and open studios with art for sale all Saturday evening. There are over 100 studios and many more artist that work in the building!
I am super bummed that I will miss out on all the fun but I do have a work up in the gallery show and my studio mate will have our studio open. So stop by join in on the festive fun.

And for Friday...
Artist Talk: virgin knitters:

Join the Textile Arts Center and Kimberly Hall for a discussion on the allure of the handmade and her Virgin Knitters project. Plus, make your final bids for your favorite scarves! (no $ required) Just in time for the cold, cold weather.

December 3, 2010 -- 7PM

Kimberly is interested in exploring the questions:
What makes an object lucky?
What makes a garment attractive?
What is appealing about handmade items?
How do I value what something is actually worth?

Each scarf will be up for Silent Auction -- not for monetary exchange, but for the desire for the particular scarf. Kimberly believes that the act of giving away allows the maker to consider the emotional and intellectual work he/she put into the piece.

Wine, Cheese, Bidding. What more could you ask for?

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