Wednesday, November 10, 2010

soft city

If you are in NYC you could stop in to see the solo show of quilter Marilyn Henrion's, Soft City, at the NoHo Gallery.

Marilyn had a piece in from the tongue... and her work is truly lovely in person. She has incredible technique mixed with a sophisticated and modern palette.

The work on view is a series of quilts based on the inspiration and beauty she finds in New York, specifically the neighborhood of Soho. To me you can see her love for the city in every single stitch.

Marilyn says this about her work:

Much as a poet employs words to convey an emotion or idea, I use color, line, and form to create metaphorical images that are meant to resonate, being both themselves and something they may suggest to the viewer.

In the press release her work is described as:

“The stark iconography of urban architecture takes on palpable sensuality in the distinguished textile artist Marilyn Henrionʼs new “Soft City” series, which presents a magical mystery tour of familiar thoroughfares.”* In these works, the artist, a native New Yorker, reveals the soft side of New York, with unexpected visual treats lurking around every corner. Once Gothamʼs hard unyielding surfaces are peeled back, the beautiful and complex patina of each facade is illuminated. Henrionʼs abstract works have always been informed by the urban architecture of her surroundings.

Her exhibit is up until November 27th.

You can see images of the entire series here.

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