Monday, October 31, 2011

anothe cupa please?

You know how when you feel overwhelmed--- you know intellectually that this is the time you should be eating healthy, doing more yoga, going to bed early, and being disciplined about getting stuff done. But instead what you do is sleep in, ask for another cup a wine, and turn the tv on?

That is me. Seriously you should see the mess of my house as of late, it looks like I have given up. But at least mindless stitching fits into avoiding stuff just fine and thankfully my plant piece has lots of satin stitch over and over again. So I am getting some work done. Though never enough.

How do you deal with being overwhelmed? How do you get out of a brain funk?


Connie Rose said...

I get overwhelmed as well, periodically. What helps me most is to mindfully bring myself back to the present moment, and just be here. Then I take baby steps forward and focus on one thing at a time. Best wishes.

Joetta M. said...

VERY sound advice. Thank you:)

whitney said...

Everytime I feel overwhelmed I make lists and schedule in tasks. This way it at least "seems" manageable and my brain feels like it can let go of something.

Anonymous said...

when overwhelmed first i start cleaning. like my studio or the kitchen or the livingroom.

Cleaning the outside is like cleaning the inside.
while cleaning i can let go and priorities come to my mind. Then I start choosing which priority is important for me. I put that on my mental list. and so on untill i feel i am in peace again

Anonymous said...

Joetta, the move will be wonderful, you will be so happy with more space, nice neighbors and a more normal life. Your son will be so happy to experience a more country life, it is fortunate that you can make the move at this time in his life. Have no fear and pack up and move on to a life full of new experiences, you have lived the N.Y. life long enough!
just my 2 cents, lots of love

Joetta M. said...

Thanks to all fro their support and advice. Just remembering their is a light at the end of the tunnel.