Thursday, October 20, 2011

austere beauty.

Doesn't this image from the current exhibit of Lynne Yamamoto's work at PPOW make you want to run out and see it right now! There are not really installation images online, they just draw you in with this image and some detail shots. I know that I plan on making a point to get there before it comes down. I never end up making it to PPOW as it is a bit off the beaten path but whenever I do it is always worth it.

A quote from her website in relationship to this work, inheritance:

“…for the sake of that which ye have unlawfully gotten; it will be a moth in your estates which will certainly eat them up, either in your own, or your children’s time. (Sermon, William Beveridge, 18th c.)

I had not been familiar with Yamamato's work before and have enjoyed perusing her website. She mostly approaches her work as installations and often uses fabric, ceramic, and found materials.

Her work though often a mass of small objects also has an austere quality to it. The spaces never feel cluttered and the sense of color tends to stay quite minimal.

as you can see from these installation details Yamamoto is not afraid to explore mediums and objects and enjoys create a sense of space in her work.

All of her installations have very conceptual underpinnings and are unique in concept from one to the other. On her website she has a small statement for each series of work. Often her work references personal memory or political/cultural statements.

I love how her installations are minimal but full of emotional weight.

Lynne has been working for over 20 years and has an expansive portfolio go be inspired here.

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