Monday, October 3, 2011

her long hair...

I try not to be too much of a "re" poster of things but last week Jenny Hart posted about the work of Hong Chun Zhang and it spoke to me so much that I wanted to mention it here.

Hong Chun makes HUGE charcoal drawings of hair. There are a few series within this work but the one that I am drawn most to is a series that started as "portraits" of the artist and her twin sister speaking of their differences and similarities and has moved towards a more universal statement towards a "woman's complete life cycle."

I have always been drawn to images of hair, especially braids, they seem to symbolize the change from girl-hood to woman-hood, they are both feminine and tom-boyish, and it always seems that they also come back to the end of ones life symbolically. One of my favorite works of art in my own collection is a drawing of a braid.

Chun's work is gorgeous, the scale incredible. The large scale emphasizes the importance of hair in women's identity while also abstracting the subject. I would love to see some of this work in person.

Hong Chun also has a charming series that explores the cultural differences of her native China to the USA, her current home.

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