Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yesterday I spent most of my afternoon installing 2 works at the Manhattan TAC for the Push exhibit that opens on the 21st. This exhibit which will also be a book launch party is the local NYC artists that are featured in the book.

The opening should be super fun and the space looks great. I was delighted to be honored with putting one of my works in the window. I also hung the recently completed exhausted. Hanging that one was a beast!!! But it is hung and though I had to adjust a lot because of the fact that the wall is brick and there is a radiator nearby I am happy with how it looks.

sewing my work to the new pole it was hung from. image by Luke Haynes

I will never understand why I just don't make work that can just go boom on the wall, it always has to be something complicated.

steaming my work after I finally got it up. image by Luke Haynes

I will save more pictures of my pieces and of the entire show until after the opening. I want to keep you excited.

See you at the opening.

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