Monday, October 10, 2011


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Do you ever feel like you have so much going on in your brain that there is a constant throb. For me that is now. My life has been crazy the last few months or really the last year. And just in the last month or 2 it has been thrown into a tale spin of change.

My teaching schedule, both yoga and art, has been under massive flux and is just beginning to feel settled down again. I have had to search out new places to teach along with re-connect to past places. And as any of you who freelance teach know- all of this is SO much work and time. Then you just have to keep your fingers crossed that the students come. Luckily for me more often then not they do.

Opportunities for my art are coming in, which is AMAZING, but I feel so much anxiety about being able to fulfill all the expectations of both myself and the galleries that I am working with. Not to mention trying to figure how the F I am going to get the work done.

My husband is looking for a job, he has been working for himself for a number of years now, and that is always a little stressful as you never know what will end up coming, and he is looking in a few places not just NYC. Scary but perhaps good?

So my brain throbs, my needle stitches, my son either coos or screams, my husband either laughs with me or fights with me, and that is life.


Connie Rose said...

Oh Joetta, sorry to hear about all the stress. Those are all difficult things to deal with separately, let alone at one time. I'm just recently beyond a year of tumultuous change myself. Slow down, breathe, this too shall pass. And take good care of yourself -- some of the stuff you think you have to do, you really don't, it's all your choice. Be well!

Joetta M. said...

Thank you so much for your sweet kindness:) Breathe is always the best advice.