Tuesday, October 4, 2011


NYU class last Spring.

So my current class at the Textile Arts Center ended yesterday and it reminds me how much I love to teach. This particular class was a quiet group but for me it is so exciting to see how an individual can take the stitches and create such personal work for themselves.

Finished work from recent class.

I feel so privileged to teach at the TAC as they really encourage a more artistic and conceptual take in their classes, which is totally my strength as a teacher. I only wish I could take it further.

Students at work and seeking inspiration from my most recent class.

a student doing a transfer in Philly, I teach there again this month.

Somehow working in academia would be oh so amazing. When I taught at UMASS I loved working with the students for such a long period and really pushing how they thought about their approach to art making. I taught a 2 day long workshop as part of an NYU class last year and it reminded me how incredibly awarding working with motivated college students can be. If only I could figure out how to do it regularly.

Student works in progress.

In the NYU workshop the students were making autobiographical works as they had spent the semester reading and researching quilting and how women used this to express emotions and create community. The work that some of the students made was incredibly powerful, I was honored to have worked with them and to have inspired them.

a beautiful piece based on trauma and the process of healing.

Here are some more examples of the NYU students projects:

a self portrait about identity.

an in process installation piece about coping with loss.

one students work about her relationship with her mother.

a beautiful mixed media applique portrait.

exploring childhood, made from fabric with meaning for the artist.

I hope to always be teaching in some way and sharing my love of sharing our voice and our experience.

a students sampler.

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Amelia said...

wow - superb work!

Joetta M. said...

i must say i felt pretty proud of all of them:)