Friday, October 7, 2011

spinning and stitching.

I spent the day in the studio yesterday and got this piece totally finished. Washed. And now need to iron it and get the hanging device worked out. So actually still a ton to do. But I am super excited to get the piece hung for exhibit on Monday and photographed. Details soon.

Now that my work is SO much larger it is becoming an ordeal to figure out how to hang, iron, wash, etc... it. But it is also kind of fun to figure out these challenges.

I have so many great things going on it is wonderful but I also have a constant buzz of energy in my brain as I am so freaking busy and overwhelmed. I am just praying that my life and schedule gets a little more settled so that I can get back to a solid routine and therefore more actual work done. I am a routine slave and prefer it that way.

Here are a few shout outs on the web here and here. Soon I will get around to sharing another mention in a new book and some upcoming features on me in the publication world. Until then my head will just keep spinning.

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